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Aggressive Cancers May Be Stopped with Cannabis

30 December 2013

Cancer and cannabis have long been linked together. Many doctors will prescribe marijuana medicinally to patients who are undergoing cancer treatments. Two scientists at California Pacific Medical Center located in San Francisco have found a compound in marijuana that could potentially stop the metastasis in several aggressive cancers.

If the compound can truly stop the metastasis of aggressive cancers, it can alter the fatality of cancer indefinitely. Pierre Desprez, one of the scientists involved in the discovery and a molecular biologist, said the research has taken approximately 20 years. Now that they have made the discovery, they are anxious to get started with trials. Trials have a ready taken place in the laboratory as well as on animals and now they are waiting for permission to conduct trials on humans.

Desprez has spent decades researching ID-1, which is the gene responsible for causing cancer to spread. Another fellow researcher, Sean McAllister, has been studying the effects of Cannabidol, a chemical compound of the cannabis plant. When they collaborated, Cannabidol was placed into a petri dish with cells containing high ID-1 levels. The cells not only stopped spreading but returned to normal – a huge breakthrough in cancer research.

This collaboration has also helped to show why collaborating on efforts is so important with scientific discovery as both agree they would never have discovered this on their own. Enough of the Cannabidol cannot be obtained simply from smoking the cannabis. As a result, the pair of scientists is looking at injections or pills in order to deliver enough of the compound to produce the desired results. Clinical trials are likely to include both forms of the compound to see which ones are the most effective.

The breakthrough was first published in 2007 and clinical trials are expected to begin soon. Here´s a short video from Huff Post Live:

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