Why it's best to pay with Bitcoin?

We prefer payments in Bitcoin. This is the most secure and safe way to pay for your seeds. Also, this way no one will ever be able to find out that you ever bought any seeds!

If you already have Bitcoins you can just proceed here, if you don’t you first need to buy Bitcoin and then pay for your seeds with Bitcoin. This is very easy.

How to get Bitcoin

After placing an order you’ll get an address from SuzySeeds to transfer the Bitcoin. This address is generated in such a way that it automatically contains information about your purchase and the amount of your order and your order ID.

You just have to verify your account once at one of the Bitcoin exchanges below. There you’ll be asked for an Bitcoin address to transfer the Bitcoins to. Here are the websites where you can buy your Bitcoin securely;

  • France & EU: Bitcoin-Centra.net (via banktransfer (SEPA) 
  • US, UK & EU: Coinbase.com (via banktransfer (SEPA) 
  • US, UK & EU: Bistamp.net (via banktransfer (SEPA) 
  • US, UK & EU: BTC-E (via banktransfer (SEPA) 
  • Netherlands & EU: Bitonic.nl (via iDeal & banktransfer (SEPA) 
  • UK & EU: Bittylicious.com (all EU bank accounts via (SEPA) 

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Why Bitcoin

  1. No bank needed - Bitcoin is an ingenious way to pay without needing a third party (bank).
  2. It’s free! – there are no transaction fees with Bitcoin. Banks all charge transaction fees for most of international and ocerseas payments.
  3. Anonymous – by paying for seeds with Bitcoin nobody can ever know that you bought seeds. Even though cannabis seeds are legal and we only ship to countries where it is legal, it is possible that this changes over time. With Bitcoin your privacy is guaranteed and no one will know what you bought with Bitcoin as long as you make sure that your Bitcoin address  cannot be linked to your person.

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