Suzy Seeds is one of the most professional seed companies in Europe. After years of acquiring experience in the cannabis seeds industry, Suzy can now finally present her own seed selection. We have teamed up with some of the most experienced and dedicated breeders of Europe, to produce our new line of exclusive cannabis seeds: Suzy's Aficionado Collection. You buy champagne, sherry and port in a specialized wine shop, don’t you? The same principle applies to seeds. Suzy Seeds selects only the best feminised, autoflowering and medicinal types which are produced in the best seed companies in Europe. All our seeds are organically grown and tested regularly in a lab for the highest quality and purest genetics ensuring high germination and feminization percentage. 

Simple choice

The amount of suppliers and types can be overwhelming. Which brand should you choose? Which type is the best option for you? Suzy Seeds makes the purchase of cannabis seeds easy and guarantees the best quality of seeds with 100% original genetics.

Types of seeds

The name of our seed line is Suzy Seeds. Suzy Seeds are seeds for professional use. All our seeds are of the highest quality. If you are either looking for a beautiful indica, an extraordinary sativa or an autoflowering strain (that contains ruderalis), we have the best kind for you in our range. All our seeds are feminized, which means that you don't have to check for male plants. That way, you can concentrate on your one and only goal: producing beautiful buds from female plants.

Unique selection

The staff members of Suzy Seeds have been active on the European cannabis scene for many years now. We know which seed companies produce the tops you're looking for. Many of our types have won prizes. Prizes such as the High Times Cup, de Highlife Cup, Plant of the Year, Canarian Cannabis Cup, Copa de Cantabria and the Growmed Medical cup or Homegrown Cup. Examples of the winning strains are Suzy's Confidential, White Widow, Northern Light, Blood Orange Tangie, Cream Caramel, Classic Cheese, Super Silver Haze, Yellow Lemon Haze, Superior Diesel and White Widow Auto. We also offer world-famous types in our assortment such as Critical Jack, OG Kush, Bubble Chum Gum, Hollands Hope and of course the Dutch coffee shop topper Amnesia Haze.

Commitment to quality

Our breeders produce all seeds organically. The seeds are submitted to a strict quality control before they are sold and selected manually by size and weight. We also make sure seeds don't have any cracks and/or fractures. All our seeds are stored at a controlled temperature, so that we can guarantee continuous quality. The seeds that you've ordered will be shipped in specially designed packing, a unique metal tin, to make sure that the seeds are shipped in a dark and cold environment. The hard box is the perfect protection against possible damages during shipment. Quality guaranteed.

Suzy Seeds Service Center

Suzy Seeds has its own service center. If you have any questions, you can always contact us with the chatbox. 

By telephone: +31 (0)20 262 1028 or by Email: info@suzyseeds.com 

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