Ten golden tips - Buying Cannabis Seeds

Golden tips for buying cannabis seeds

  1. Only buy seeds from a well-established company. There are many seeds of poor quality in (online) circulation.
  2. Use autoflowering types if you cultivate for the first time. These are easy to cultivate and don't draw much attention.
  3. Start with a cheaper type. Cultivating is a learning process and it takes a while before you've mastered it.
  4. Always choose feminized seeds. That way you don't have any male plants that you have to eliminate/ select.
  5. Choose an indica or sativa plant. Both have a completely different effect. The sativa plant gives an energetic effect, whereas the indica plant has a stoned effect on its user. So there is a clear difference.
  6. Choose whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors before you buy the seeds. Some types are appropriate for indoor cultivation while others on the contrary grow better outside.
  7. If you opt for outdoor cultivation, you have to take the geographical area into account. In Northern Europe some types are hard to cultivate but in Southern Europe you can almost cultivate everything.
  8. Check before you buy seeds if we are allowed to ship them to the country in which you are living. Due to legislation, it is not possible to ship to every country.
  9. The laws regarding the cultivation of cannabis seeds are different in each country. Make sure that you are well-informed before starting cultivation at home.
  10. Don't try to save money too much on the seeds. Comparatively speaking, a seed is cheap. The difference in purchase cost is easily earned back with an outstanding final result. 

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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