Outdoor cultivation

You can use Suzy's cannabis seeds for both outdoor and indoor cultivation. However, decide if you want to cultivate inside or outside before you buy. Some types are appropriate for indoor cultivation while others grow better outside. Outdoor cultivation is the easiest growing method, because nature does most of the work. It is important to provide enough water, sun light and ultimately nutrition. Growing outdoors has both advantages and disadvantages.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds for Outdoors Advantages of growing cannabis seeds outdoor:

  1. You don't have to purchase an expensive installation or meet other requirements.
  2. The plant grown, under the right circumstances, is larger than with indoor cultivation.
  3. Nature does most of the work.

Disadvantages of growing cannabis seeds outdoor:

  1. You can't harvest all year long.
  2. You have to take the local weather into account.
  3. The environmental factors can't be controlled.


If you grow your cannabis outdoor, you have to take the geographical location into account as the local climate will determine which types you can easily grow outside. In Northern Europe some types are hard to cultivate whereas in Southern Europe you can almost cultivate everything. To give you an idea of which types can easily be cultivated outside in your area, we provide detailed product information which indicates which climate the seeds need to grow properly.

Suzy’s Tips for growing with cannabis seeds outdoor: 

  1. Set up outdoor cultivation when it is no longer freezing (usually in the beginning of May) because young cannabis plants can't stand ground frost.
  2. Make sure that your plants get as much sunlight as possible.
  3. Make sure that the wind can blow through the plants. Plants situated in a shielded location are more susceptible to fungus.
  4. Rainwater should be preferred for cannabis plants, because it contains a lower PH value than tap water and it also more nutrients. Try to collect rainwater so that you still have some if it doesn't rain for a while.
  5. If you cultivate your plants in a pot, you can use regular soil or special soil with nutrients.
  6. Use autoflowering seeds . These are easier to cultivate and are quickly ready. You can easily cultivate two harvests in an outside season.


Suzy's choice for outdoor: 

Outdoor Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  1. Hollands Super Bud
    Hollands Super Bud
    Hollands Super Bud or Hollands Hope 2.0 is a cross between Afghan and Dutch Skun...
  2. Premium Shiva Skunk
    Premium Shiva Skunk
    Premium Shiva Skunk is a cross between the world famous Skunk #1 and Northern Li...
  3. AK47 Autoflower
    AK47 Autoflower
    AK47 Autoflower is an easy to grow strain with a high yield. AK47 is a cross bet...



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