FAQ: How to Grow Cannabis?

When does my cannabis plant start growing buds? 

After 3 weeks of flowering in most cases, a cannabis plant starts the formation of buds. At this point, your plant reached the maximum height and the buds are starting to grow, which will provide you eventually the weed. Autoflowering seeds already begin flowering after two weeks.

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When does my cannabis plant need a stronger / different bulb?

For the growing phase of the plant, you need a different bulb as for the flowering period. We strongly recommend the use of LED lights and High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamp for growing phase with white colors and for the flowering phase to use the more conventional yellowish light.

If the side branches are exposed to more light, are they growing faster?

Yes, in case the side branches are exposed to more light they will grow much faster. One of the ways to get the side branches more exposed to the light is by pruning the biggest buds of your cannabis plant.

If I have to add extra nutrients to my cannabis plant, what kind of nutrients do I need and when do I have to add those?

There are two types of nutrients for your cannabis plant: grow nutrients and flowering types. The quantity and the type of nutrients depend strongly from the soil you are using for the cultivation of your weed plant. During the growth phase, we recommend adding the liquid root fertilizer. Always check the information on the bottle of fertilizer for the right quantities to use, as there are many different brands and types. During the flowering phase you need to switch to the flowering fertilizer, there are also different manufacturers and with different properties. One of the most used nowadays is flowering fertilizer NPK in different ratios. It’s a mixture of nitrogen, phosphorus and potasium which stimulates the flowering and the formation of buds. Always make sure to check the adequate quantities and to not over fertilize your plants.

When can I stop adding fertilizers to my cannabis plants?

As soon as your plant starts having 30% or more of trichomes of brown color you should stop adding the fertilizers. Your cannabis plant can `purify` or flush in following 1 to 2 weeks and will be ready for the harvest.

How much will my cannabis plant grow after it started forming the buds?

From the moment the formation of buds starts, your plant will not grow anymore in the height or width. Only the buds will increase in size and crystals/resin will develop.

What is the best way to store my Cannabis Seeds?

The best way to store your seeds is in a cool, dry and dark place with an ideal temperature of 8° to 12°C (45-50°F)­. Your fridge could be in this case a perfect place to keep your cannabis seeds fresh. In this case, make sure your weed seeds are hermetically sealed so they will not be exposed to humidity.

How long can I store my Cannabis Seeds?

We strongly recommend to not to keep your cannabis seeds longer than 1 year. Up to this time, the germination power of the seed is still high. It is possible to store your seeds also longer as 1 year but keep in mind that the germination probabilities will be much lower.

What is the best way to germinate the seeds and when should I plant them in the soil?

There are many different methods of germination. My favourite method is to germinate the seeds in a small cup of water and later on a plate in between 2 layers of wet paper. This way you can plant your plants in the soil within 1 week.

When should I notice most the growth of my plants?

Your plant is developing most in its so-called pre-growth period. In the beginning, the growth will be still slow but from the moment your weed plant has enough leaves, it will grow considerably fast. After this moment every day, you will notice the growth.

Do my cannabis seeds need light when I plant them in the soil?

As soon your seeds have germinated and they are already visible above the soil they will need light. In this first pre-grow period you provide 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness to your weed plants. Your plant needs so much light at the beginning of growth to develop in the height and width.

If my plants are too close to each other, will they grow less?

In case your plants are too close to each other, many branches will not receive enough light and the yield will be much lower on every plant.

How do I keep my plants in growing phase and make sure to not to start flowering too soon?

As long as your plants are exposed 18 hours to the light and 6 hours of darkness they will stay in the growing phase. It is important to not to let your plant to grow too high. The size of your plant depends also on the wattage of your bulb. The higher the wattage and your plant will grow more. If your plant gets too high the bottom branches will not get enough light and will not develop entirely.

How can I transform my plants to flowering phase?

By changing the light cycles to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.

If I grow my cannabis plant outdoor, do I have to add fertilizers?

Yes, outdoor growing has basically the same methods as growing indoor. Only that you can’t control the climate conditions and so you need to adjust the nutrients to your plants need. In case your plant is exposed to many sun hours it will also need more nutrients.

Growing outdoors, should I use plant pots or root them into the soil?

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages as well. The advantage of growing your plant in a pot is that you can move your plant according to the best weather conditions. On the other hand, you will need to keep adding fertilizers during the growth in the pots because the soil in the pot is limited and so are the nutrients for your plant. A big advantage in growing your cannabis plant outdoor in the soil is that you don’t need to add many fertilizers and the plant will have enough space to develop the roots and grow fast. Only the problem with this method is in case of a lot of rain the buds can get moisture and fungus.

What kind of soil do I need to grow cannabis outdoor?

Your cannabis plant can grow in any kind of soil, but will grow better in some types compared to other ones. Cannabis grows best in an airy soil with enough nutrients. When you are looking for the best type of soil we recommend you to buy it at the specialized shop.

What kind of equipment do I need to grow my cannabis plant indoor?

Equipment like plant pots, soil (or other growing material), seeds, bulbs, water, a fan for ventilation and nutrients.

Which type of cannabis smells the least?

Sativa strains smell much less than Indica strains for example. If you are looking for a plant that does not smell too much, in any case, do not take the Skunk types as those are smelling pretty heavy already in the flowering period. As that's where the name Skunk comes from.

How can I see if my plant is female or a male?

A female marijuana plant looks mostly much healthier and with more branch density than a male plant. The female plants are much more full and the male plants more skinny looking. Our tip is to check the leaf axils because a female plant have visible hair and the male plant has only a round ball.

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