Build your own Cannabis Grow Room

There are a lot of things you need to take into account when building your own growing area or grow room. If you do it well from the start, you will enjoy a lot of advantages. Then you will be able to get started with growing the plants without having to solve all sorts of problems that emerge. It takes some time and energy, but well begun is half done.


You can build a growing area at different places: in the attic, in a bedroom, in a closet, in a basement, in a barn, etc. Choose an area of at least one square meter and a minimum height of 1.80 meters.

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Advantages and disadvantages of different locations


The biggest problem of attics is the temperature. During summer they tend to be tropically warm, while during winter they get ice cold. A pitched roof can also cause a problem. In some places, the roof can be too low, which prevents you from hanging a lamp. A possible solution is to reverse the day/night rhythm. When it's light outside, it's dark inside and vice versa. The advantage is that temperature fluctuations are smoothed. The lamps heat the place during the colder night so that in summer the temperature stays limited during the day. In winter you will probably heat your house more, which will keep the temperature in your growing area on a reasonable level. One disadvantage of reversing the day/night rhythm is that you will have to work at night. The plants have to be left alone when it's dark. Another problem is that the plants may get too hot at night. This may negatively affect the bud formation. Also keep into account that the lamps and fans make quite some noise and that this might be an issue for your neighbors, especially at night.


In a bedroom too, the temperature can cause a problem. In summer, south facing bedrooms can be quite warm, especially if the lamps burn during the day. In winter, north facing bedrooms can cool down a lot overnight, especially if the lamps are off. These problems can also be solved by reversing the day/night rhythm. A huge advantage of bedrooms is that they have nice straight walls and ceilings, which makes it easier to set everything up. Windows might be a problem. These have to be air and light-tight. Only use a window for discharging air if there is no other option. Because of the wind, you never know where the odors are going. You also risk air being blown inside by strong wind.


A dry, not too cold cellar is probably the most ideal growing place. However, it can be hard to supply and discharge air and also the discharge of water can be problematic. On the other hand, cellars hardly ever need to be made light-tight. It is also fairly easy to control the temperature because cellars are insulated thanks to their underground location.

Suzy’s Tip:

Be sure the floor is insulated well (e.g. a thick Styrofoam board), because the cellar floor is too cold for the roots. This also makes the discharge of waste water a bit easier.


If you have chosen a growing place, you have to make sure it is 100% light-tight. For optimal growth, the plant needs 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness and 12 hours of uninterrupted light. If this process is disturbed, this can affect the yield or even cause the whole crop to fail. The plants become stressed and confused. So double check whether there are no holes or cracks where light seeps through. If this is the case, seal them with sealing or non-transparent tape.


It is important to not only make your growing area light-tight but also air-tight. For one thing, because of the odor. As soon as they are flowering and produce beautiful buds, the plants start emitting a specific and strong odor. You do not want this odor to spread outside the room. You might become used to the strong flavor of your plants, but your neighbors might not. Secondly, bugs can come inside through the tiniest of cracks and ruin the growth of the plants. Thirdly, it is important to have a well-insulated room so you can control the temperature conditions yourself. So make your growing place air-tight by sealing all cracks and crevices.

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Once you have made your growing place or room air and light-tight, you have to think about the temperature of the room. If you create the ideal climate for the plants, they will grow well and produce a maximum yield. For optimal air circulation, you need one (or more) fan(s). By constantly circulating the air, the fan ensures an even distribution of temperature, humidity, and C02 (carbon dioxide). With a dimmer, you can set the speed of the van. If your budget allows for it, you might want to invest in a thermostat, a humidistat or a thermo-humidistat. You can use it to set the desired maximum temperature (around 28 °C).


With a humidistat or a thermo-humidistat, you can control the humidity level. If the room becomes too humid, the excess air is sucked away until the optimal humidity level is reached. All you have to do is to set the proper humidity level and the humidifier will keep the humidity of the room constant. A humidifier is especially useful during the growth period. A plant can grow twice as big if the humidity level is optimal.

Air vents

You have to make sure that there are air vents on one side of the room and on the floor. This way, CO2-rich air can come in. At the other side of the room, you have to install and extraction system with a carbon filter. A carbon filter and an extraction system are essential for a good growing place.

Extraction system

You also need an extraction system with an activated carbon filter. Cannabis plants need carbon dioxide (CO2) to grow. They get this CO2 from the air. If you fail to provide the growing area with fresh air, the plants will use up all CO2 in the air. Growth will slow down and plants will become less healthy. An extraction system sucks the CO2-depleted air outside, which automatically brings CO2-rich air inside. The system also removes the typical odors that are released during the flowering phase. A carbon filter is a large tube filled with carbon. The carbon absorbs the chemicals responsible for the odors and neutralizes them. Carbon filters do not last forever, so I replace mine every year.


A cannabis plant needs light to be able to grow. If you want to grow cannabis indoors, you will, therefore, have to purchase a lamp. The length of the night is very important for cannabis plants, so always use a timer switch to ensure a regular cycle. You can choose lamps of various wattages for growing cannabis. You can choose from 400 watts, 600, and 1000 watt or you can go for the LED lights. The more light, the better the yield will be. Ideal for indoor growing is high-pressure sodium (vapor) lamps but the LED lights are also producing some amazing results. The LED technology has another advantage that it consumes much less electricty so you will not be surprised by high bills to pay. I replace my lamps, just like my carbon filter, every year for optimal light intensity.

Suzy’s Tip:

Start with the cheapest and simplest set up Air or water cooled variants can always be purchased later. First try if the basic equipment is sufficient.

Reflecting screen

A reflecting screen in your growing space makes sure that the plants can profit optimally from the light. Light = weight. The amount of light a plant gets will greatly determine the final yield. Mylar film is the best you can use to make a screen. It reflects about 99% of the light on your plants.


I put my plants in a container so I can easily clean up the place. I made it myself using wood and plastic. It's not that hard. I succeeded and I'm not really a handywoman. All waste, such as potting soil, dead leaves, and wastewater remains in this container. As soon as you have harvested, you can easily remove everything and clean the place, so it is ready for the next batch of plants. A container is also useful when you water your plants. By giving your plants lots of clean water, you remove the excess nutrients and fertilizers. When they are in a container, you can easily water the plants without making a mess. You can also fill the whole container with nutrients, so all plants can profit from them. They can decide how much water and how many nutrients they want to absorb.

Suzy’s Tip:

When I leave for a weekend, I fill the container with water and the plants decide for themselves how much water they need.

Ready for use

Your growing space is now ready for use! You can read more about the next steps  on our website.

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