All about Suzy... Suzy is a lady with green fingers. She grew up in the green heart of the Netherlands, in a little place called Breukelen and learned to cultivate her own crops at a young age. Her father is a biologist and he showed her how to grow her own herbs, vegetables and fruit sensitively and with much love. At the age of 19, Suzy started studying medicine in Rotterdam. She worked as a bud tender (adviser in a coffee shop) during her college years. There she learned the different effects of, and positive results from, the cannabis plant.

This interest was also stimulated by her study of medicine. At the age of 28, she got her degree in medicine, but her green fingers kept tickling. She was fascinated by the cannabis plant and its magical effects so she decided to do something with it. While she was working as a bud tender, Suzy noticed that many people were interested in buying cannabis seeds. After doing more research, she came to the conclusion that purchasing cannabis seeds scientifically is an almost impossible task. Which type should you choose? Are the seeds reliable? What are the differences in genetics? She sorted everything out and composed a unique list of cannabis types.

Every single one is of high quality and biologically and easy to cultivate. Former customers of the coffee shop knew that Suzy had an eye for quality. They kept calling her for advice and asking questions such as: "Suzy, which type is appropriate for outside? and "I'm looking for a type that grows fast, what can you tell me about autoflowering seeds?". Finally, Suzy decided to compose her own seed line. She did not produce the seeds herself, but she bought the finest on the market, from the best suppliers in Europe. The seeds had to be easy to cultivate, bring in a high yield and of course needed to be cultivated biologically and with love. A complete line of seeds was the result. Not much later she opened her own web shop. This store, Suzy Seeds, is currently one of the best selling online seed shops in Europe.

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