Female or male cannabis plant?

For beginner cultivators it's often difficult to distinguish female plants from male plants. There are numerous pictures and clips available on the internet where you can see the specific characteristics of male and female plants. I will try to explain the difference to you.

Female cannabis plant

Only female cannabis plants produce flower heads or buds. The female cannabis plant produces considerably more active substances such as THC, CBD and CBN than a male cannabis plant.

How can you recognize a female cannabis plant?

A female cannabis plant looks healthy and has a lot of branches. It's a full plant. The best way to tell whether it's a male or female plant is to look at the leaf axils. With a female cannabis plant you will see a hair coming out of a little ball in the leaf axil. You will also notice tiny hairs growing at the tips of the branches when they first start blooming. These will eventually become buds.

Male cannabis plant

The male cannabis plant does not produce flowers, contain little THC and can even influence the production of THC of female plants by pollinating them. Males will show one or two balls before they emerge into staminate calyxes. 

How can you recognize a male cannabis plant?

You can easily recognize a male cannabis plant by its unhealthy look and by the fact that it only grows in height and therefore has little branches. It's a rather thin plant which hasn't got many leaves, unlike the female plant. You can also check the leaf axil of the plant. A male cannabis plant can be recognized by looking at the little round balls in the leaf axil. Some of the strains in certain conditions will display their sex during the growth or vegetative phase. Environmental factors can play an important role on how your plants develop and mature. 

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Removing male plants

When you cultivate cannabis to smoke/use later, you will have to remove the male plants. That way, you prevent fertilization or pollination with female flowers. If a feminine plant is fertilized you will get seeds instead of cannabis.

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