What Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds are genetically altered so that they produce only female plants in at least 99,9% of the cases. This forms a great advantage as only female cannabis plants produce flowers or buds. The male cannabis plants don't produce flowers but only pollen, contain little THC and can even influence the production of THC of female plants.

The female cannabis plant produces considerably more working substances or cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBG and CBN and terpenes than a male cannabis plant. Suzy Seeds only sells feminized cannabis seeds. Marijuana is a Dioecious plant, which means – there are separate male plants and female plants, not both.

That means that even though male weed plants will still produce very small levels of THC and other cannabinoids, they won’t be as potent or tasty as female plants. Before bringing the seeds on the market, they are first thoroughly tested in a lab and further cultivated, so that we are sure that our seeds are genetically stable and consistent.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Suzy’s Tip: You can only smoke the flowers of female plants, so only buy feminised seeds.

How are Feminized Cannabis seeds made?

The gender of the plant is determined by two chromosomes, namely the X and Y chromosome. A plant with two X chromosomes becomes feminine or female and a plant with an X and Y chromosome becomes male.

How are Feminized seeds produced? Feminized cannabis seeds are made by means of gibberellic acid (a hormone found in plants). Because of this, the female plant is forced to produce male flowers. The female plant becomes hermaphrodite and this makes it possible to produce seeds that have two x chromosomes and are thus female. By choosing for the feminized cannabis seeds guarantees that you will only grow female cannabis plants.

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