Marijuana Legalization Leaves Questions Unanswered

Health Canada is looking to create a medical marijuana market, much to the upset of many users. In Washington state, the Liquor Control Board approved the rules for legal marijuana and is now accepting applications for producing and possessing retail licenses.

Right now, as of August 2013, there is no place in the US to buy marijuana seeds or starters legally. Though there are places in Europe and Canada. The deputy chief of enforcement with the Liquor Control Board said they’re not going to ask people where they got the seeds since there’s no other place to get them accept in these locations. After the initial 15 days, growers will need to obtain seeds from other growers who are legal in the state.

There are a number of regulatory acts being done that will control the market, including the number of retail stores that can open in each city within the state. Grant County was permitted seven locations and two in Moses Lake.

There are still questions about how much money the state can bring in as a result of excise taxes on the legal marijuana. The estimates range from zero to $2 billion. Many focus on the higher amount and forget about the zero.

It’s also confusing because recreational use is illegal for those under 21. It’s possible that kids are being sent the wrong messages. They hear that it is legal and there are even parents who plan on smoking the pot with their kids. The education of the laws needs to be a primary focus.

Further disturbing news comes from the Grant County Sheriff’s Office. More than half of the fatal collisions in the state have been as a result of marijuana and there are a lot of impaired drivers in the state.

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