Almonds Have Become a Popular Herbal Cure to a Cough

People can develop a cough very easily. It may be due to allergies, sinus problems, or even the common cold. Specifically the dry cough can be cured using herbal medicine. Almonds have long been considered a source of relief for those who are suffering from a dry cough.

Seven shelled almonds can be soaked in water overnight. The brown skin can then be removed and a fine paste can be prepared. Butter and sugar can be added to the paste and then consumed orally. Some health food stores and herbal medicine suppliers will also create the almond paste to be sold over-the-counter, which can be highly effective.


Research has also shown that people who eat almonds as a snack or use almond butter instead of peanut butter can reduce the recurrence of dry coughs throughout the year.

Almonds are rich with phytochemicals as well as antioxidants. They also contain a variety of chemicals including phenylalanine and L-carnitine. The protein found within almonds is easy to digest and it includes amandin, which makes a good supplement for milk. Many people say that it is not good to digest milk when suffering from a cough, however almond milk can provide many of the same nutrients and actually improve the cough because of the ingredients found within the almond nut.

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