Antitumor Medication Stems from Natural Ingredients

In a world where doctors are quick to prescribe prescription medicine, it is comforting to see that phenolic compounds are being researched in terms of how they can aid in cancer treatment as well as prevention. In Nutrition and Cancer: An International Journal, researchers have talked about natural phenolic compounds coming from various medicinal herbs and plants. These have a strong use for cancer prevention. The Journal has cited a number of articles that talk about molecular anticancer mechanisms found within phenolic compounds coming from various herbs and plants. According to one researcher, phenolic phytochemicals are not only inexpensive but they can provide an accessible approach to cancer control as well as management. These compounds are found in many places and found in everyday foods including vegetables, fruits, beverages, and even cereals and spices.

Natural Phenolic Compounds From Medicinal Herbs and Dietary Plants: Potential Use for Cancer Prevention

Phenolic compounds are able to produce a number of biological activities and this allows them to have a positive effect on inhibiting carcinogens, which are responsible for creating cancer.

Dietary supplements are herbal medicine can have significant health benefits, though there are also risks as well. This is why many researchers are talking about ensuring the efficacy and safety of herbal medicine prior to giving it to patients. While many doctors want to prescribe antitumor medication that has natural ingredients, many are still skeptical because a variety of the herbal medications on the market are not being monitored by the FDA because they fall under dietary supplements instead of prescription medications.

This is why many people have stopped going to medical professionals and are going to alternative health professionals. While this may not be the answer, many are learning that natural ingredients pose better health solutions than the prescriptions commonly being prescribed.

With more researchers believing the answers are found in medicinal herbs and plants, there may be hope for more highly regulated dietary supplements and herbal medicines available on the market.

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