Disease Prevention Strengthens in Africa with the Help of China

Joint medical research is improving between China and Africa. Many Chinese doctors with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention have been working with groups in Africa, including Botswana to improve their health research and aid in disease prevention throughout all areas of Africa.

A variety of herbs are being introduced into African medication as a form of disease prevention. This includes such things as herbal remedies for malaria.

Due to the partnership, the joint research programs are able to benefit China and Africa, though Africa will benefit more significantly because they do not have the same level of medical research at this point in time.

In May of 2013, the Fourth International Roundtable on China-Africa Health Cooperation was held, which shows that the two have been working with each other for a while and the partnership has been able to show stability.

There are Chinese experts surveying countries in Africa to look for herbs that can be used to prevent and treat a variety of diseases that are currently affecting a large percentage of the population. Some herbs have already been found in Tanzania that has helped with treating HIV and Aids.

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