Henna and Cinnamon Known to Cure a Headache

Many people when suffering from headaches, reach for Advil, Tylenol, or various other over-the-counter drugs. These drugs tend to sit at the bottom of a person stomach and create stomach problems as opposed to relieving the headache. The headache may be gone, but then a person may be reaching for more over-the-counter drugs in order to cure the stomach problems – and it becomes a never-ending cycle of loading the system up with drugs and chemicals.

There are a variety of herbal medicines used to cure a headache. Flowers of henna have been considered to be an excellent remedy or headaches for those who’ve been out in the sun. The flowers can be dipped in vinegar and then placed on the forehead.  

Another herbal cure for the headache is cinnamon. This spice can be ground into a paste by mixing it with water. It can then be applied to the temples as well as the forehead in order to provide near immediate relief. Cinnamon has had a number of health benefits. When there was a 1918 flu outbreak, those in the cinnamon factories were immune to the flu and it was thought to be because of the cinnamon and its medicinal powers. With the herbal remedies, they are being placed on the outside of the body as opposed inside. This leads to fewer side effects because there’s nothing being digested.

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