High Blood Pressure Improves with Ayurveda

Ayurveda has been used by the Indian culture for thousands of years and is considered to be a form of herbal or alternative medicine. For those who suffer from high blood pressure, many choose not to take prescription drugs to control it because of the many side effects commonly associated with these medications. As a result, they have had significant success with herbal remedies.

Amla juice mixed with honey has been effective when maintaining blood pressure. It is to be taken every morning. Many people have never heard of Amla juice, which is unfortunate because it has been used for many years to treat a variety of health problems naturally. It comes from the Indian gooseberry and is very high in Vitamin C. Those who have taken Amla juice to treat high blood pressure have noted a significant decrease in their numbers.

Doctors who have wanted to put patients on medication have often suggested they continue to drink the juice to avoid going on a prescription. In addition to high blood pressure, Amla juice is used to treat such things as gallic acid, cholesterol, diabetes, provide more fiber, and even fight cancer.  

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