Homeopathic Vaccines are Making Canadian Scientists Re-Think their Efforts

photo by: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/Many years ago, infectious diseases were among the leading causes of death. Now, vaccines have been created as a way to prevent infectious diseases from harming the general public. Health Canada has licensed a total of 10 products using a homeopathic preparation called “influenzium.” These are designed to prevent the flu as well as a variety of other symptoms. These homeopathic preparations are being used to prevent the measles, polio, and even pertussis.

What many people are looking at is that the vaccines are highly diluted containing no active ingredient. Essentially, they are placebos. Many in the natural medicine world are beginning to call out Health Canada because they are doing the world of natural medicine at huge disservice. The products are being called vaccines, however they are not actually containing any of the infectious agent in order for the immune system to build up a resistance. As a result, Canada’s public health agency has issued an estimate that only 62 percent of the two-year-olds in the country are up-to-date with their vaccines because of the use of these homeopathic vaccines.

Health Canada maintains that their products are safe. However, even though they may say they are homeopathic, the vaccines are hardly considered to be working.

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