Marijuana is Shown to Have More Positive Effects than Initially Thought

Marijuana has been used on many occasions for medicinal use. Originally it was considered herbal medicine, which technically it still is. However, where states have legalized medicinal marijuana, it is being prescribed more often for such ailments as chronic pain, glaucoma, gastrointestinal diseases as well as to help counter the side effects of chemotherapy.

While marijuana is usually inhaled, it does not impair lung functions like cigarettes. This allows more people to take advantage of the medicinal marijuana without worrying about whether it is harming their lungs or not.

A CARDIA study was recently conducted to test the lung functions of over 5,000 young adults. The survey began in 1985 and took place over 20 years. Marijuana smoking was being done just as often as cigarette smoking, which mimics the U.S. population. Those using marijuana were only using 2-3 times a month while those using tobacco were using about 8 cigarettes a day. A professor at UCLA has also confirmed that the findings are realistic.

Lung function for tobacco smokers declined considerably. Those who were smoking marijuana did not have the decline. In fact, they showed an increase in lung capacity, which shows positive results of smoking the marijuana.

Two tests were conducted on those who smoked marijuana. The FEV1 was high, which is the total amount of breath someone is able to exhale in the second after taking a deep breath. The FVC was also high, which is the total volume of air exhaled following a deep breath.

Research is still being done to show the results of marijuana on the lungs, however the preliminary results are positive. Marijuana is a healthier alternative to smoking and has not only positive effects on various parts of the body but can also enhance lung function, which goes against what many had previously believed to be true.

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