Natural Sea Sickness Remedies Found in Bands

People suffer from seasickness every day. Symptoms can include cold sweats, fatigue, headache, nausea, increase elevation, and even vomiting. It is a debilitating affliction that many deal with when they go on boats of any size, including cruise ships. It is a form of motion sickness and occurs because of the rocking motion. Especially for those unaccustomed to being on the water, seasickness is very common.

Anyone who has ever mentioned seasickness to their doctor has likely been given a variety of different solutions. Amongst these are a natural remedy known as seasickness bands. This is a great alternative because there are no drugs and there are no chemical reactions in the body to help alleviate what people experience when they are out on the high seas.

The seasickness band actually works through the use of acupressure because the wrist brand applies pressure to the actual point which controls nausea as well as vomiting. When the pressure blocks the nausea, a person can enjoy being out on the water for extended periods of time.

All of the common forms of preventing seasickness – such as not reading, spending more time outside with the fresh air, eating something that has significant amounts of starch, and other remedies can work as well – though many find it easier to use a natural remedy. If the acupressure band does not work, others have also experienced improved balance and general comfort with black tea or ginger tea, which has a calming effect on the digestive tract.

While many people deal with seasickness, very few people deal with it appropriately. Many people simply try to hold onto the railing and avoid throwing up. This is not necessary when there are natural remedies as well as herbal medicine to treat the problem. No one needs to have chemical reactions going on in their body to reduce nausea – the side effects of these chemicals can lead to worse problems than nausea.

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