New Herbal Handbook Makes it Out to Health Care Professionals

photo from: patients are using herbal medicine to cure their ailments. They are told to seek the doctor’s assistance when taking herbs to know how much to take as well as to learn if they are safe to be taken with all of the other medications that they have been prescribed. Doctors, however, do not always know what to say.

A new herbal handbook, which is provided by the AHPA American Herbal Products Association, health professionals can now make educated decisions by relying on the handbook.

This book has been a number of years in the making. It features over 1000 pages of information on herbs, their dosages, their contraindications, drug interactions, as well as how safe they are to be used during lactation and pregnancy. There also toxicity studies as well as references this is considered to be one of the most exhaustive references ever assembled.

The herbal handbook also marks an important time in medicine because it is showing that the need is there to have a botanical safety handbook. As more doctors are dealing with patients asking about herbs and more doctors wanting to prescribe herbs but not knowing too much about them, they will be able to refer to the Botanical Safety Handbook to be able to answer the question of “is it safe?” Without a shadow of a doubt.

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, hospitals, and various other professionals in the medical industry will be able to have the handbook available to be able to answer questions to a variety of herbal questions.

The World Health Organization has published a variety of volumes on medicinal plants, which is dated back since 1999. These volumes have provided a significant amount of information on the uses and benefits of herbs. These, combined with the new herbal handbook allow more doctors to stay informed about the use of herbs in everyday medicine and how it can be used to treat a variety of different elements within the human body.

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