Radish Leaves Used for Jaundice

Jaundice is known to cause a yellowing of the skin and is a side effect of various health problems. Those who wish to cure jaundice are able to seek out the help of herbal medicine as opposed to using prescription drugs that can have various side effects.

Radish leaves have been highly effective for curing jaundice. The leaves are to be mashed and the juice is then extracted through cloth. Half a liter of the juice can be taken orally every day for 10 to 12 days. Radish leaf juice is also sold in various herbal medicine stores to ensure people are able to have quick access to the herbal medication without having to create it on their own.

Ultimately, the radish leaves are used to improve the oxygen supply within the blood, which helps to remove the yellow hue from the skin. Black radishes are considered to be more effective than regular radishes, though both have been used for treating jaundice and have been highly successful.

As a blood purifier, many people will keep radish leaf juice on hand to treat not only jaundice but a variety of other health problems as well – including problems with the liver and stomach.

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