Morocco Looks for Answers in Legalization of Marijuana

Moroccan officials are taking moves that might make their country the second one to legalize the cultivation and sale of marijuana. Following Uruguay's lead, Moroccan legislators heard testimony from officials who discussed the medicinal benefits of cannabis treatments and the economic impact of legalizing cultivation of the plant in Morocco.

Medicinal and Economic Impacts: A Fine Line

Morocco currently has no effective legalization of cannabis in effect, but that hasn't prevented a significant chunk of the country's economy from becoming dominated by the cultivation, sale, and export of the plant. In fact, according to, the country currently attributes a full 10 percent of its economy to the cultivation, sale, and export of marijuana. It's estimated these activities annually add up to about $10 billion. The goal in Morocco is to legalize those activities so that the $10 billion industry benefits national coffers and provides much-needed revenue. Furthermore, the country is looking to bring real medicinal benefits to its own boundaries and to patients around the world. A primary focus of legislators was on research and development of drugs inclusive of cannabinoids.

Keep an Eye on Moroccan Developments

No firm decision was made on the legalization of cannabis in Morocco during the aforementioned hearings, but developments look to take shape into 2014. With further information about the benefits and mechanics of legalization, Morocco may well become the second country to legalize marijuana after Uruguay did so earlier this month. Source:

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