How to Build a Raised Bed Garden

Raised bed gardening has become a very popular method of vegetable gardening. Essentially, a box (the "raised bed") is built on top of the existing land. Soil and compost are then added and gardeners enjoy planting in a bed with ideal soil conditions. Raised beds also have a neat appearance and allow easier access to vegetables than a traditional garden bed that is often too wide for the gardener to harvest their crop easily.  

Organic Gardening recommends cedar as the wood of choice for building a raised garden bed, but raised beds can be made of cinder blocks, bricks, landscaping stones and more. Using materials that you already have on hand to construct your beds will be cost effective. Just be sure that no chemically treated wood is used, as it will seep into the soil and contaminate your vegetables.

Raised bed gardens are also ideal for children. They can be built in any size and configuration, so a child can have their very own little raised bed garden to tend to on their own.

Example given:

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