Money Saving Gardening Tips

The best way to save money when gardening is to use what you already have. There is no need to go for all new landscape bricks when you have a pile of split wood that would work just fine for the raised bed of your dreams. It pays to be creative when gardening and a great deal of money can be saved by thinking outside of the box. The Daily Green recommends watching your local nursery or home improvement store for end of season markdowns on plants. Plants can also be sourced from family, friends and neighbors. Let everyone know that you are looking for plants and will happily come and dig up any of their unwanted offerings.

The least expensive way to start a vegetable garden, next to cloning, is to start your own plants from seed. Rainwater can be harvested on your property use for garden watering, which will save on your water bill. Also remember that you will be saving on your grocery bill when it comes time to harvest your garden. Try to avoid impulse buys and avoid garden supply catalogs; there isn't much that you need to have a successful garden, and it can all be done on a budget.

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