Pest-Proof Your Garden

There are 2 main ways to keep pests away from your plants and out of your garden: physical barriers and repellents that are applied directly to pests or plants. Mother Earth Living recommends always using non toxic pest control options, as they are safer for the environment, children, pets and the plants themselves. Much can be done with preventing pests to take over.

One of the methods to keep pests away from your garden is to plant species in your garden and around your vegetables that are known to keep pest away, such as marigolds. Physical barriers such as chicken wire, fencing, nets and tarps are all very effective from keeping larger animals out of your garden. Birds, groundhogs, rabbits and the like can all be kept at bay with such physical barriers. Applied repellents such as soaps and oils are to be used when the pest is of the insect variety. Pests are an inevitable part of gardening, but with the proper precautions, they don't need to be as much of a nuisance as some make them out to be. For more information about organic pests & disease control take a look at these resources: 

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