Tips to Get Kids Involved with Gardening

Children have a natural curiosity and attraction to nature that makes them natural gardeners. With parental support and guidance, kids will be eager to get their hands dirty and grow their own food. Children of all ages can help in a family's garden; toddlers will benefit from being exposed to the process of gardening and school aged children can choose their plants, plant, weed, water and harvest all on their own. Gardening together as a family has many benefits, including more quality time spend together, time in the fresh air and sunshine, and a full education on nature and plants. 

Kids Gardening has an idea for a fabulous, family friendly activity in which the family records the times that each garden plant opens, so they can learn to tell the time via their garden. Perhaps the greatest benefit of getting kids involved in gardening is that they will be more likely to eat their vegetables when the veggies are ones that they have grown and picked themselves. 

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