The Political Arrest of Marc Emery: Marijuana Activist

Marc Emery is a Canadian businessman and pot advocate has been considered the most famous retailer for marijuana seeds. He was also the biggest financial supporter for the pro-pot movement around the world.

In 2005, the US Drug Enforcement Agency arrested him in Canada and shut down his operations. Marc is serving his sentence in a medium-security prison in Mississippi. He was extradited in 2010 by the Canadian government. When he was sentenced by a Seattle federal court in the same year, he was given five years for the distribution of marijuana seeds. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) also said it had to do with financing the marijuana movement and his political activism.

What’s unique about Marc’s case is that he’s a Canadian citizen who never sold seed to anyone in the US and never operated his business outside of Canada. He also declared his income from the marijuana seeds and has paid more than half a million dollars in taxes to the provincial and federal governments since 1999. Since he only sold seeds, he was never arrested in Canada for selling or distributing marijuana.

Multiple raids were conducted against Marc Emery over the years. While they seized his stocks, he only paid fines – never imprisonment. It wasn’t until the Canadian police requested that the US DEA launch a cross-border attack so he could be punished by the United States’ stricter laws in regards to marijuana distribution.

Many people view the arrest of Marc Emery as a huge blow to the trafficking of marijuana as well as to the movement to legalize marijuana. Many groups relied on his funding to help push their issues in front of courts and to educate people on the benefit of cannabis. There are also many people who view the imprisonment as unfair due to the fact that Emery is a Canadian citizen and should not be penalized by US laws.

In the meantime, Emery remains in jail until 2015. If history is any indication of what will happen next, Emery is likely going to go back to the fight – but there are still two more years before that can happen. Here's a video about Marc and the hypocricy of the US government;

 Cannabis Politics - USA vs. Marc Emery

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