Why marijuana is still illegal

Think you know why Cannabis has not been repealed? The number one reason (IMO) why marijuana is still against the law in America.

There are many reasons why Marijuana remains a Schedule One "drug" in the eyes of our Federal Government. The classification of a Schedule One drug means; "There is no (as in ZERO) medicinal value to this plant"

Number one reason why cannabis, marijuana and hemp are illegal. However, on October 7, 2003 The United States Government as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services was granted a U.S. Patent (#6630507) on any and all uses and applications of: Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants. That's right, our hypocritical government has a Patent on the affects of Cannabis on the human body. But it has no medicinal value... right? Or so THEY say.

So medical is this Patent that if you read it, you may just need some education in medicine to understand what you are reading. Let alone to understand it. So please help me remember to get my Patent applications in order for dandelions, pine trees, and algae among other natural plants that God has left for us all. If the U.S. Government can do it, why can't we? As silly as it seems, these are FACTS. So, I want to Patent "Food" as a cure for hunger. That's right, any food - And I want retro-active royalties too! People get hungry, we digest food, plants, vegetables, meats and eggs and we temporarily 'cure' hunger. Hence a Patent on the affects of food on hunger.

No it is NOT funny, but it is just as ridiculous (IMO). Hypocritical of our government? Of course it is... And don't get me started on our "professional" and "highly educated" medical community. They have remained ignorant for many years (intentionally if you ask me).

But I digress...Many people know and recognize other "strongly supported" and factual reasons on why cannabis remains illegal today. Remember, we are talking about a plant here. A natural herb.

WARNING: Truth will follow, so pay close attention please.

Paper, Forestry and the Chemicals industries.

They can't have Hemp or Cannabis to interfere with their BILLION dollar (existing) industries. Why stop cutting down 20 - 50 year old trees? Because Hemp can provide better paper every 6 - 9 months without the chemicals the trees need to create it. And who needs trees anyway? /sarcasm OFF Forestry and Textile industries fight to keep marijuana prohibition.

The Pharmaceutical and Medical industries cannot make huge profits from a plant grown naturally around the World. Not to mention actually "curing" people from cancers and ailments. Fuel companies do not want the competition from a bio-fuel created from hemp oil that is both people and eco-friendly. What would they do except lose MONEY? Medical, pharmaceutical and fuel oil industries want cannabis and hemp prohibition to continue.

Cotton and Fabrics: The Hemp plant would directly complete with these manufacturers. We can't have that, a plant that farmers could grow and create jobs from? Very undesirable for some existing big companies. Here are just a few more to consider; Can you guess who might not want these products competing with them? Natural Food, Nutritional Supplements, Livestock Feed and Bedding, Construction, Body Care Products, Molded Plastics (actually bio-degradable), and there's more too. How about our revenue generating police departments and our existing prison systems for profits? ALL serious benefactors of relying on the continued prohibition of this miracle plant. These multi-billion dollar organizations pay many millions of dollars in lobbying and contributions to political parties and hopefuls strictly to "protect" their markets. Cannabis is a HUGE threat to them and there are more... Quite frankly though - Nobody seems to care that much that more and more people know about the above reasons (truths).

As of late, I have personally come to the realization that the number one reason cannabis is still illegal is because; "It keeps and makes people HEALTHIER, HAPPIER and we LIVE longer" Sure, I can hear you laughing at me. But I see our World moving more and more towards tyranny and protecting ONLY the wealthy, etc. I think people are in denial if they cannot see that direction. Take a look at the 'new' laws being made and draw a logical conclusion. Having a natural plant that is actually "curing" cancers and healing 100's of other human ailments (see here) is not in the government's (or the other organizations listed) best interest at all, nor in their agenda. A natural healer that actually fights GMO's and other man-made diseases and does not rely on the medical complex they have helped to build. Having people live longer and healthier lives is just NOT acceptable to the powers that be. Sad? Absolutely (at a minimum). But outside the realm of possibilities?

I don't think so. Pre 1942, many Americans knew that marijuana was a natural medicine. Educated individuals are not seeking decriminalization or even legalization. We are seeking to REPEAL the Federal cannabis and marijuana laws entirely. What they call a "War on Drugs" has simply been a "War on our People" as far as marijuana anyway. It is all about control my friends. The current Administration has many believing that they are honestly concerned with our healthcare. I say otherwise, I say even that is all about money (our money). Our government does NOT care about our health. You are disillusioned if you believe this (again, IMO). Otherwise (for one example), we would ALL be well informed, concerned and taking some action on the radiation that is engulfing an entire Coast of our Country due to the Fukushima disaster. Water, plants and marine life are all negatively affected. All I hear from our so called concerned government is crickets. We have 'nothing' to worry about is what was said. But that is another article entirely.

If anyone was caring about our health, then cannabis, medical marijuana and hemp would be a huge priority as well as a much needed economic boon for our entire Country. Marijuana is NOT our enemy, it never was, it is our ally. Don't you think? I certainly do.

- Skip Budman

Source: www.weedsthatplease.com/repealcannabislaw.htm

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