How to grow different cannabis strains in one room?

How to grow different cannabis strains in one room?

Growing cannabis for your own use has many advantages. Growing weed at home gives you the certainty that you are always provided with a small supply. Patients who grow medical cannabis also benefit from this. Growing cannabis yourself has a therapeutic effect in itself and you know that you have clean weed. By growing different strains at the same time, you have more variation in your stock.

You don't just have the same strain and you don't have to wait for the next harvest for a different variety. For example, I prefer a Purple Haze or a Yellow Lemon Haze for the day and a Leila Kush or a Superior Diesel for the evening. Furthermore, a tasty Pure Chocolope that I can use preventively against migraines.

Which cannabis strains can be combined?

Some cannabis strains look alike and others don't. Growing different cannabis strains in one grow room can be a challenge. If you are familiar with the strains, it is best to make an estimate of what you can best put together and on which growing medium you want to grow. Growing regular seeds is the same as growing feminized seeds, it's only about the difference in gender. So they can go together. Because autoflowers use a different light schedule, it is better not to grow them together with the photosensitive strains.

Timing is important when growing different cannabis strains

With an outdoor grow you usually have enough space. But when growing cannabis indoors in a tent or growing cannabis in a grow box, you have limitations with regard to size. You must then have good timing when switching to the flowering period, so that the plants do not grow too large for the space. Or just too small, so you don't use the space optimally, resulting in a low yield.

Different Cannabis strains in one box

Grow different varieties at the same height

Growing cannabis for both beginners and experts starts with the germination of the seeds. You can grow cannabis with LED lighting or another lamp that is suitable for this.

To the question “how can I grow cannabis seedlings with LED grow lights?” is the answer a small or dimmable lamp. The young plants do not yet need the full light intensity and this saves energy. Once good in growth, the lighting can be set to 100%. Keep an eye on the plants during the growth period and pay close attention to the differences in growth. If there is a plant that makes major growth spurts, there is a chance that it will become much larger than the rest. The result is that the grow lamp has to be raised too far and the other plants do not get the optimal light. To prevent this, you can simply raise the pots with the smaller plants so that they are about the same height. However, this is not possible with a culture in a permanent container with soil or with a hydro system.

An optimal cultivation with different cannabis strains

When growing different varieties of cannabis, the yield per plant also differs. One strain is tall and thin with small compact buds and the other is short and bushy with large airy buds or vice versa. To get an optimal yield from the grow tent, you not only adjust the height of the grow pots, but you can also use other methods to use as much of the growing surface as possible. Methods such as:

  • LST. Low Stress Training, where you bend the top or the side branches downwards. They are guided into this position with wire or string and grow more to the sides instead of upwards.
  • Topping. When topping, you remove the top bud(s) from the plant during the growth phase. The plant will then put more energy into the side branches, so that the plant will become less high.
  • Scrog. By stretching a net above the plants you can closely monitor the growth developments. You can see which plant has grown to the net first. Then you guide the branches under the net and only let the new shoots come up through the net.
  • Supercropping. You bruise the trunk, but do not break it and you can carefully place it at an angle of 90 degrees. The juice flows keep going and the top just keeps growing. The horizontally curved branch even tends to grow upwards to seek the light.

With most of the above techniques, the growth will move to the sides of the plants and they will grow in width. Keep this in mind so that your grow room does not become too crowded.

Different varieties growing together

Different cannabis varieties, as many buds as possible

After switching from the growth phase to the flowering phase, the plant will continue to grow a little. This is called the stretching phase. How far the plant stretches ultimately determines how tall it will grow. How long the plant continues to grow depends on which type of weed it is. Some varieties stretch longer than others. Sometimes there can be a real outlier. If one continues to grow nicely, supercropping can be applied to prevent the buds from suffering light damage.
If you have grown different strains in one grow room before, you will get a better understanding of the developments of the different strains in their growth and flowering phase. The trick is to grow as many buds as possible that cover the entire surface of your grow room. With a proportional distance to the lamp.

Different varieties in one grow box is definitely recommended. Not only for a delicious harvest with different varieties for different times or applications. But also to be able to observe the differences between the strains throughout their life phase.

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