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Why you should consider autoflowering cannabis seeds

By @The Stoned Society 19 June 2020

If you look around on our webshop, you will see we make a distinction between autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds, and regular seeds. In this new iteration of Suzy’s Cannabis World Blog, we delve into the history of autoflowering cannabis seeds, why you should consider growing autoflowers, and get you familiar with our new autoflowering special offers.

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The medicinal science behind cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids

By @The Stoned Society 15 May 2020

You have probably heard about THC and CBD by now, the two most well-known cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. CBD has even become so common you can find it in pretty much every country in regular shops being sold as CBD oil or a different product.

These two compounds are just a glimpse of the whole spectrum of compounds available in cannabis. In this latest iteration of Suzy’s Cannabis World Blog, we go into the various (groups of) compounds and help you decide which cannabis seeds to buy based on their cannabinoids and terpenes content.

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The importance of being self-sufficient

By @The Stoned Society 2 April 2020

As the coronavirus spreads and continues to hold the earth in its grip, for many people it is a wake-up call. A wake-up call, realizing the lives they were living are unsustainable and things need to change, as this will not be the last time such a crisis will hit.

In this latest iteration of Suzy’s Cannabis World Blog, we delve into the importance of being self-sufficient and help you on your way to becoming self-sufficient.

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The history and future of Kush cannabis

By @The Stoned Society 12 March 2020

Who doesn’t like some good Kush? If you’re a cannabis consumer, you will have had Kush at some point in your life. Question remains of course whether you had a good Kush, but if you did have a good one you’re bound to remember it.

Previously we delved into the history of Critical and about strains and hypes, in which we revealed the Suzy Seeds Aficionado Collection. But one of the originals is for sure Kush.

Because Kush are such important genetics in the cannabis world, in this Suzy’s Cannabis World Blog we delve into the history of Kush. Not just the history, but we also look at the current state of Kush and the future of Kush!

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Suzy’s Breeder Talk: Blood Orange Tangie

By @The Stoned Society 27 February 2020

If you’ve read our blog about cannabis strains and hypes or our recent social media posts, you may have seen the announcement yet for our upcoming Suzy Seeds Aficionado Collection, to be launched later this year. This collection will be launched alongside Suzy’s cannabis seeds you’ve come to know and love.

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What is Critical and why you should consider growing it

By @The Stoned Society 27 January 2020

If you’ve into growing cannabis, you have heard and probably grown Critical or one if it’s derived crosses like our Critical Jack and Critical Jack Auto. In this Suzy’s Cannabis World blog we take a closer look at what Critical is: where it comes from, how it has influenced other crosses, the production of hash in Morocco and why you should consider growing it.

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About Cannabis Strains and Hypes

By @The Stoned Society 15 November 2019

Cannabis is much like any other product susceptible to hypes. Even more so since the internet and especially Instagram have come to dominate screens worldwide. In this new Suzy’s Cannabis World Blog, we delve into the history, hypes and false promises of cannabis strains.


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Croptober is here: harvesting season!

By @The Stoned Society 21 October 2019

Happy Croptober! Wait, what? Yes Croptober! Croptober is what the cannabis world refers to as the outdoor  harvesting  period. And an important one too. You can do everything right up until you're starting to harvest, but there's still much you're able to screw up. In this blog, we help you on your way.

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