Suzy’s Breeder Talk: Blood Orange Tangie

Suzy’s Breeder Talk: Blood Orange Tangie

If you’ve read our blog about cannabis strains and hypes or our recent social media posts, you may have seen the announcement yet for our upcoming Suzy Seeds Aficionado Collection, to be launched later this year. This collection will be launched alongside Suzy’s cannabis seeds you’ve come to know and love.

Suzy Seeds Aficionado Collection

The Suzy Seeds Aficionado Collection will be based upon OG #18 and Blood Orange Tangie and will be geared towards experienced growers who put time and effort in finding that perfect phenotype to continue with. Both OG #18 and Blood Orange Tangie crosses are in the works.

In this Suzy’s Cannabis World Blog we delve further into Blood Orange Tangie, one of our favorite strains from last year. The same phenotype won the HomeGrown Cup 2019 indoor edition in the Mostly Sativa category and earlier finished second in the Sativa category at the 2017 HomeGrown Cup.

I can personally attest it is one of my (if not the) favorite Sativa smokes. When you open the jar, it immediately impresses everyone who i’ve shown and smoked it with. Then when you take it out, you can see it’s a looker too. It’s dark purple, with orange hairs and loaded with trichomes. When you smoke it, you’re overwhelmed by the orange terpenes. A great daytime smoke. Don’t get me wrong it’s strong, but gives more of a head high than a body high. Unlike the OG Kush varieties for example.

To warm you up we give you some insight in Blood Orange Tangie, as we sat down for an interview with our breeders. We go into the origins of Blood Orange Tangie, what made this strain a keeper, which crosses are being made and we talk a bit about growing her and her crosses.

Suzy: Hi, thanks for doing this interview with us. We’re looking forward to learn more about Blood Orange Tangie!

Breeder: You’re welcome. Happy to help.

Suzy: What is the origin of Blood Orange Tangie?

Breeder: It's actually Blood Diamond x Tangie, according to the original package we hunted the winning pheno from.

For the record, Tangie was created and made popular by DNA Genetics in Amsterdam. It is said Tangie is their remake of Tangerine Dream and was created by crossing California Orange and Skunk.

Blood Orange Tangie

Suzy: That package of seeds came from @jthejeweler from Four Fathers Farms in California: the creator, or better said founder, of Blood Orange Tangie. I asked him the same question about where it comes from and got the following answer:

Jthejeweler: I got some tangerine seeds from Aaron from DNA Genetics personally. We hunted them out and actually found the Blood Orange Tangerine pheno. It was an amazing plant. We then crossed it with a real cut of Girl Scout Cookies from the cookie family and we went to work looking for the unicorn. It’s been a hit from day 1. So I know we were the first to find and separate the green from the purple phenos. But also had a tall and short phenos of tangie to choose from. 

Suzy: What made this strain a keeper and ultimately one you started to breed with?

Breeder: The strong orange terpenes with the purple sativa looks, but ultimately it was her popularity that made me keep her. It's a prefect breeding mom, giving stable female pollen, and everything she touches gets a twist of orange.

Blood Orange Tangie Suzy: What crosses have you tried so far?

Breeder: Crosses are made with known strains like UK Cheese and Gorilla Glue #4, Amnesia, Zkittelz, Forum Cookies and Mimosa. The backcross, that's crossed to the original clone in seed form and a self selected phenotype from Peach Ozz. Peach Ozz is an OZK phenotype with creamy peach terps. Grows a bit more stretchy, but comes with longer flowering time.

And Sour Banana Sherbet, a bushy plant which is easy to grow. It’s also an absolute hash dumper with crazy amount of trichomes. To keep the more fresh banana terps, harvest early around 8 week. To get more gassy, doughy terps harvest at 10 weeks. Leafs will turn black.

Suzy: Can you tell us something about growing Blood Orange Tangie

Breeder: Grows and stretches like Amnesia. With more open sativa buds. Bottom buds are always more purple the the top buds. Very resinous buds and drysift will turn out gray thanks to the ‘purple’. 

Suzy: Do you have some growing tips for our readers?

Breeder: Everything is selected, bred and tested with biological growing methods. So if you want the same expressions in phenotypes we experience, I'd advice growing bio.

Suzy: When can we expect the first seeds to be available here on our website?

Breeder: We're not sure, there's been some hiccups in our original planning, but you can expect it for late spring, early summer 2020. 


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