Guerrilla Cannabis Growing Guide

Guerrilla Cannabis Growing Guide

If you can't make a grow room in your home for an indoor grow and don't have a place to discreetly grow a cannabis plant outdoors, there is another way to grow cannabis yourself. Namely growing guerrilla, just growing a cannabis plant in the wild. Growing weed is prohibited so you will have to keep your plant hidden. Growing guerrilla can then offer a solution, so that you can still grow your favorite seeds from Suzy Seeds.

Guerrilla growing benefits 

You grow in a forest or in a remote field in a sunny spot. You can grow in the open ground and the plant does not need more than a little water to grow and bloom. Because you grow outdoors, you don't have to worry about roommates, neighbors or landlords complaining about the smell. Be careful when harvesting. If you are going to dry and cut weed at home, you will still smell it quite a bit.

Guerrilla growing disadvantages

When you are not near your plants, it is more difficult to check and care for them. The animals in the forest, the rodents in the field, insects and other vermin can cause damage to the plants that you will only find out later. Your guerrilla grow spot should be well hidden. It is a pity if they are destroyed by a forest ranger or if another enthusiast takes off with the harvest. It is therefore better to avoid along hiking trails and other freely accessible places.

Where can you grow guerrilla? 

Growing cannabis outdoors is done in a location where the plant cannot be discovered. The most obvious is a sunny spot such as on a field or in a forest. Place the plants between other plants so that they are as unobtrusive as possible. Ideal is a place near water, then you don't have to take that with you when you take care of them. The most important thing in a guerrilla grow is that the location remains hidden. You can also look up and grow cannabis plants on the roofs of (empty) buildings or even at the top of a tree. If you walk around outside and take a good look around, there are plenty of places where you can grow weed inconspicuously. Useful here is the navigation on your phone. There are even growers who don't just limit guerrilla growing to outdoor growing…

Cannabis seeds for guerrilla grow

For cultivation in the wild, it is advisable to choose a variety that is strong and requires little maintenance. With a short and fast flowering time such as Lemon Juice OG so that the chance of her being discovered is as small as possible. The chance of molds is therefore smaller. Autoflowers are ideal for this. They do not grow large and are therefore less noticeable. Growing guerrilla is actually growing outdoors but not in your own garden, so outdoor seeds and outdoor growing techniques are ideal. Just like the schedules for germination, growth phase, flowering phase and harvest. It is advisable to raise a young seedling at home and let it grow for one to two weeks. They are then somewhat larger and are less likely to fall prey to rodents and other vermin. Set up a guerrilla grow in several places, if one does not reach the end of the flowering phase because it does not survive or is discovered, you can still harvest in another place.

Guerilla Cannabis Growing

Preparing for guerrilla cultivation

Plants in a guerrilla grow often have to endure a lot with bad weather conditions, animals and other setbacks. So good preparation is very important! When you have found your place, you look at the possible dangers that can cause setbacks for the grow. Visit the place several times at different times. This way you get an idea of what is happening, what the shadow spots are, etc.

Forest guerrilla

In a wooded area you can easily grow in the open ground. You can dig out the place where you will put the sapling and fill it with fertilized soil for a good start. You can also administer nutrition later in the form of liquid nutrition or solid matter in the form of tablets. It is advisable to place branches and ecological snail pellets around the plant as protection. If there is a ditch or water hole nearby, that is certainly useful so that you do not have to carry a lot of water. Find a nice sunny spot between the other plants where it is as inconspicuous as possible. In a place where a lot of nettles grow, the soil is very suitable for growing a cannabis plant and it scares off other visitors.

Forest Guerilla Grow

Urban guerrilla

In the city and on industrial estates, somewhere on a roof or behind a warehouse, there are also enough hidden places for those who look carefully. It is difficult that these are often not public places and climbing on a high roof is not entirely without risk. So watch out for this. You will also have to grow in pots. The disadvantage of this is that on hot days the pots dry out quickly and water has to be given almost every day. The plants on roofs catch a lot of wind and will have to be protected against this. Maybe the pots need to be anchored so they don't blow over.

Guerrilla grow maintenance

Once started, you will have to visit your plant regularly. See if she doesn't need care or if she isn't hungry or thirsty. Do everything as efficiently as possible, so don't walk through the woods with large shopping bags, but try to transport everything in a small backpack. Adapt to the environment and don't go to the forest with your smart clothes, but go like a hiker. Also don't look at your plant in the evening and certainly not at night, this all arouses suspicion. To keep the location hidden as best as possible, always cover your tracks when you've been there. This way you will be able to enjoy tasty home-grown guerrilla weed at the end of the season.

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