Germination of Cannabis Seeds

Germination of Cannabis Seeds

A good start is half the job done, goes the saying. Germination of cannabis seeds is no different. Germinating the seeds under the right conditions gives the plant a big head start on further cultivation. These conditions are constant factors, but the methods of germinating cannabis seeds can sometimes differ. In this blog post we go into more detail about how to germinate cannabis seeds and I'll explain different methods of germination.

Germination Cannabis Seeds

Some growers swear by one and the same method. Maybe this works well for them, but you prefer to do it in a different way. In any case, don't make it unnecessarily complicated and risky. Work with clean material and clean water. Cannabis seeds do not germinate when they are stored dry and only open in a moist environment. This is how it goes in nature and we can always lend a hand by keeping the seed moist, with a constant temperature of 20℃- 24℃. Under these conditions, cannabis seeds will germinate quickly. It takes about 48 to 72 hours for the seeds to germinate, with exceptions sometimes longer. The peel then bursts open and a small root tip becomes visible. What is also good to know is that the seed has an upper and lower side. The flat side is the top and the pointed part is the bottom. If you germinate the seed in that direction, the root will grow straight down. As a result, it does not have to turn and the plant will see the light of day sooner. After planting the germinated seed in the medium, immediately place it under a light. They do not grow without light. Germinating autoflowering seeds we apply the same methods as germinating feminized seeds and regular seeds.

Germination of Cannabis Seeds in soil

The easiest and most natural way is to let the seed germinate in the soil. Fill a small cultivation pot with potting soil, but do not press it too hard. Make sure it is well moistened and make sure that the excess water can flow away so that it does not get too wet. The advice is not to use heavily fertilized soil and preferably potting soil to grow seedlings on. Do not feed! The fresh carrot cannot handle this, and it will burn. Only water is enough. The seed contains enough nutrients for the first weeks. Make a hole in the soil of about half a centimetre. Place the cannabis seed and cover it carefully. Keep the soil moist with a plant sprayer. Misting the water prevents the seed from being washed away. Make sure the soil and water are at room temperature. How long it takes cannabis seeds to germinate in the soil varies quite a bit and depends on several factors. After 4 to 10 days the seed will rise above the earth.

Germination cannabis seeds between wet tissueGermination between moist tissues

Germinating the cannabis seeds first and then planting the germinated cannabis seeds can also be a way. The most common is to place the seed between two layers of paper towels or cotton pads. Cotton pads often remain too moist with a risk of rot. The root can also attach itself to the cotton wool. It is therefore preferable to use kitchen paper. Take two plates, a sandwich box is also possible. Place two sheets of kitchen paper in it and wet them with water. Let the excess water drain out. Place the seed between the layers and put the other plate, or lid, on top and check every 6 to 8 hours if the paper is still damp. If it gets too dry, mist water with the plant sprayer, but don't make it too wet.

How to germinate cannabis seeds in a coffee filter?

To keep the environment of the seed moist, there is also the coffee filter method. Place the filter on a plate and wet it with water. Let the excess water drain off the board. Place the seed in the filter with the flat side facing the opening. Fold the filter closed and slide it into a zip lock bag so that the pointed part of the seed points to the bottom of the bag. Hang this with a piece of tape where it is dark and warm. The seed will germinate, and the root will grow straight down. A layer of water forms at the bottom of the bag. Hold it upside down for a while and let the filter absorb the moisture. Because the bag with the filter is transparent, you can follow the germination well. It may take 2 to 4 days. Then the root is about 2 centimetres long and you can plant the germinated cannabis seeds in a medium.

Feminized & Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Germination of cannabis seeds in a glass of water

Another way to germinate cannabis seeds is in a glass of water. The only question is how long do you do this? By placing them in the water for 24 hours, the seed is soaked enough to germinate further between wet kitchen paper or in the soil. This is preferable with this method. Some growers let the cannabis seeds germinate in the water for 48 hours or even longer. They wait for the roots to grow about 2 centimetres in size and only then transplant the germinated seeds. This is also used as a test. If the seed floats, it is viable. Cannabis seeds do not germinate if they sink immediately. But with the high-quality cannabis seeds from Suzy Seeds you don't have to worry about that.

Germinate cannabis seeds with plugs and starter kits

More and more products are available that simplify the germination of cannabis seeds. From starter plugs, which you only have to make wet, to complete starter kits with propagator and root stimulator. A propagator or growing tray can help to keep the humidity high during germination but is not necessary. Just like the root stimulator. Ready-made starter plugs or seed jars can be useful. Usually they contain soil, sand, peat or coconut. An advantage is that they are easy to repot.

If you want to read more about germinating cannabis seeds, or if you are curious about Suzy's favourite germination procedure and more tips and tricks: How to germinate cannabis seeds?

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