The importance of being self-sufficient

The importance of being self-sufficient

In this latest iteration of Suzy’s Cannabis World Blog, we delve into the importance of being self-sufficient and help you on your way to becoming self-sufficient.

The synergy between growing food and cannabis

First and foremost, if you have a garden you should be growing your own food. Of course, you can’t grow everything yourself, but get your neighbors to grow something different and a simple trade might suffice in making sure you have everything you need. The same goes for cannabis.

Luckily there’s a synergy between growing food and growing cannabis. Whether you are growing outdoors or indoors, the practices you perform will be beneficial to both your food and your cannabis. In fact, cannabis/hemp enhances soil health by shading out weeds- reducing the need for synthetic herbicides—and adding diversity to crop rotations, improving soil health according to the research of the Rodale Insitute of Pennsylvania.

Aside from that synergy, there’s also the synergy in requiring the same kind of things like soil, lights and in some cases fertilizer. This given fact also further protects you for nosey neighbors or law enforcement informing what you are doing. You’re growing your own food, hence you need those things.

Furthermore, if you’re worried about local law enforcement, realize that the world is currently busy doing something else and not going after your plants. If you’re growing indoors, just keep paying the electricity bill and still take into account the smell.

Suzy Seeds is here to help

And we’re here to help. Most important, we will continue to be sending your cannabis seed orders to you in discreet, anonymous packaging and do not expect to have shortages. Locally, post services might be delayed. Make sure to check with your local post service.

Whether you’re a beginner or simply looking for high yielding cannabis seeds, we’ve got something to suit your needs. After all, April is the perfect month to start germination for the outdoor season.

What’s more, April is Suzy’s birthday monthSpecial offers including a 20% discount on 8 favorite strains throughout the entire month, and other promotions coming up throughout the month. It’s 420 the entire month of April and you’re at home anyways. So let’s get you started.

We have three different types of cannabis seeds available for you.

 Suzy's Birthday Offers

Autoflowering cannabis seeds

To have the quickest results, you can order autoflowering cannabis seeds to make sure you have an early harvest in a couple of months. Autoflowering cannabis seeds immediately start flowering, unlike regular cannabis seeds or feminized cannabis seeds which start flowering as the days become shorter and the plants realize they need to reproduce to survive.

Because autoflowers start flowering immediately and do not have a lot of time to develop growth like regular or feminized plants, the harvests will be smaller. But if done right, you can still be amazed by the results. And most important: it’s quick.

Feminized cannabis seeds

If you’re looking for bigger harvests, we recommend going for our feminized cannabis seeds. As we said earlier, outdoors these will only start flowering as the days get shorter. But the harvests will be much bigger as until then, the plants have been able to grow high and wide.

These seeds are feminized, meaning you will not find seed-producing males in your crop.

Regular cannabis seeds

If you know what you’re doing and really want to be self-sufficient, regular cannabis seeds are perfect as these are not feminized. This means you will find males and females in the selection. You will need to be able to separate the males from the females if you also want to harvest your product to smoke. Outdoors this means having a separate greenhouse where you put the male(s). Indoors you need to have a separate grow tent, preferably in a different room.

We’ve dedicated a whole page with clear images to help you figure out the difference between female and male cannabis plants.

Cannabis as a medicine

Apart from being a good crop to grow together with your vegetables and giving much-needed distraction, cannabis can also help you with various ailments.

To start, eating and sleeping well are very important for your health, whether you are healthy or sick. If you’ve ever used cannabis, you will have noticed the effect of cannabis on your appetite and the great sleep you had afterward.

These effects are just the beginning. For more, check out our page dedicated to medicinal cannabis

Get more from your harvest

Cannabis is much more than the flowers and the seeds. From the tiny sugar leaves to make hash or oil from, the stalks for fibers or the roots to create balms, there’s plenty of ways to get more from your harvest. In the linked article we give you some ideas.

And if you’re growing organically and biological, don’t throw away the soil either. This can be repurposed or even be prepared so you can use it again.

Suzy Seeds Aficionado Collection

If you’ve been following our social media or read our previous blogs, you’re already aware of our plans of adding an Aficionado Collection to our regular lineup. As it stands now, we’re still on track to deliver you the first OG #18 variations and Blood Orange Tangie crosses this year.

If you can’t wait, we’re sure you’ll be pleased with our current selection of cannabis seeds as well.

Stay safe and start, or keep, growing!

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